La Bombe

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La Bombe

La Bombe - Brasserie - Paris

Old stone floor in the geometrical motives and radiators so magnificent in cast iron go alongside to more modern elements of decoration. Terraces contribute to make a pleasant refuge to the place. Prices are more than reasonable in the district. A coffee, a plate of the menu with generous portions or a cocktail, a speciality in which The Bomb made a serious reputation. Grégory Pinon, master of this place is even the inventor of the Mojito green banana !

The Bomb, the café-restaurant of the district of the Opera where it well makes find itself after the work or before the show, the Michaudière and the Bouffes Parisiennes are not far away.

Animations Fridays and Saturdays evenings.

Opening hours


06:30 - 01:00


06:30 - 01:00

Wednesday - Friday

06:30 - 02:00


10:00 - 02:00